3D Face Recognition

Automated facial recognition system Morpho Face Expert analyzes three-dimensional structure of a face, enters data in the AFIS database, and allows using the collected data for:

  • creation of personal identifiers
  • people search by investigation authorities
  • face recognition in a crowd in real time from external video and other public security tools
  • control of access to secure facilities

The system is able to build a 3D model of a face even using low-resolution photo when analyzing available profile photos.

Monitoring and instant identification of wanted persons in video streams from the surveillance cameras are the most complicated tasks for the security services and investigators. Morpho Argus makes the process much faster, easier and more effective.

In 2014, Morpho Argus was implemented into pilot version of face recognition system at the subway station in China. The system showed identification accuracy of more than 96%, and the percentage of false identification was close to 3%.